Nic Case 1st RC (10-30-16-51-27)

Nic Case RCB 202(10-30-16-51-27)

Nic Case RCB on (10-30-16-51-27)


History was made on October, 25th 2014 in Saint George, Utah. The R/C Bullet designed, built and driven By (me) Nic Case achieved a top speed of 202.02mph !

Not bad for an amateur - with good friends, family, great sponsors and off-the-shelf electronics!  The chassis, body and tires are all custom, stemming from myself and my teams imagination. There where many people that have helped throughout this journey. And as it turned out, Tracy, Josh and Mak (the people that were there at the beginning) were there to witness this historic speed run. I appreciate everyone's support immensely.
I've learned so much during this journey, from aerodynamics to people.   
It's funny how expectations can change how goals are enjoyed. The longer it takes - the less of a surprise it is when the goal is achieved. But sometimes, uncharted territory unfolds this way.... You can't succeed if you don't fail.  
Now, the R/C Bullet has consistently earned the top speed title.
This run qualifies for Guinness World Record.
This one's for you Chris
Nic Cas